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This website The “Customer support Number” is Online Instrument to Connect Users to Third Party Service Providers So that One Can Obtain Support & Troubleshooting service according to their needs. The Globe is Changing More and more People are Taking Third party services each day because it’s better and More Comforting. there are several reasons behind Our recommendation.

What Do We do?

First We don’t Pretend Or Claim to be a Brand Or The Organization In Our Website. we have Written it clearly that We Will Connect You With a third Party Support Provider that Can Help you Fix Your Technical Problems.

Why It’s Better?

  • In Case if Your Product is Under Warranty than We Recommend You to contact the Respective Brand However we Insist You read these Points Before You Go & Maybe this Will Explain Everything
  • If Your Product is Out Of Warranty then we can beat the Prices of any other Vendor By -20% in terms of services and We Provide +100% More Comfort & Attention to Your Problem Than any Other Vendor Would.
  • You see Lot of people have Complained in the Past that every time they are trying to Contact Customer Support Number they Face Number of ProblemsFor Example – On the Internet, there are Tons of unwanted and Fake Support Number that can mislead you to harm’s Way.
  • It takes Forever for them to Pick up the Phone and Sometimes The Calls Duration can be 15-20 Minutes on Hold While You hear the Boring Music.
  • Then they may ask you 4-5 Types of verification Question just to Verify your Product Qualifies for the warranty services Or Not. Believe it Or Not Most of the Times it turns out to be Out Or Warranty Or Limited Warranty Or Limited Support.
  • Most Official Tech Support has become Less tech-savvy and sometimes it gets really hard for them to address the real issue.
  • We took the courage to tell you everything you need to know about our Process so we can have total Transparency in our Business and we Get a Customer & Trust For Life.

Our Pro & Cons ( Real Transparency )

We have Great Service Pros With very Fewer Cons…Please check them out.

Pro : –

  • No Long Hold Lines & Pause. Our system is Easy to Connect & Roll Via Toll-free Number.
  • Instant Support & Free Diagnostics for Everyone
  • Special Focus & Care on Each Case
  • We have a Policy with Our Vendor That We they Don’t Fix Your Problem They Will Not Charge You a Penny (No Fix No Charge)
  • Your personal Information & Data Will be Secured Via Third Party Provider From Which You have taken Service Because Even they Don’t want to Lose Their Customers
  • Representatives ate Patience and very Corporative so You Can Explain Your Issues as Much as You want
  • We have 30 days refund Policy so If You Don’t Like Our Service than You Can Ask For Refund any day within 30 days.
  • All Of Our Service Providers have secured CRM Base Where They Secure Your Personal Information. We Really Don’t Ask Or Carry Your Card or check details.
  • Our Vendors will provide you with a unique customer identification or Case id so in case if you need any help in future then you will have a easy access to their Support Line

Cons : –

  • Most of Our Vendor is based Oversees that’s Means No Physical Help.
  • We have Limited Control on the Policy’s of self-govern their part service ProvidersWe charge In U.S.D Most of the time.


How We Help You?

We Really Don’t Push You to pay for Our Services Unless it’s Needed that’s why we have self-help section where You Can Find a lot of Troubleshooting steps so you could Solve the Problem on your own. However, if you fail to Fix it on Your Own than Feel Free to Contact Our Support Number & We Will take care of the rest.

You Pick up the Phone & Dial Our Number Then We Will Forward You Directly to The expert Vendor Depending On the issue you have. They will ask your Problem and provide you respective solution. this is Our Moto to Help You find the Independent Third Party service Provider Who can take care of your Problem in Minimal charges.

We Help You Via 100% secured Remote & Phone Support So You can Taste the Instant service while sitting at Your Home. if Your Problem Emerges to the level where we find it hardware failure then we will refer you to Cost Effective Local Store for Replacement Or Repair.

We can help you to Fix Outlook Recovery Solutions or Our Team will helps you to sort out all technical issues as well.



How Do We Charge?

We encourage You to Pay Using Via Check Or Credit Card but we Don’t Mind taking another Payment Method. Your Comfort & Trust will be The Boon For Us in Long Run. we will maintain that by Letting you choose the payment Mode.